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Auxilia Group

Established in 1997, it is characterized by having a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach solutions for security management, risk management and corporate responses to emergencies.

Auxilia Group is a leading provider of security and logistic services, which represents our core business.

Provides products, services and innovative solutions for security and critical infrastructure protection activities, corporate risk management, crisis management and emergency response, which are  aligned and tailored to the full life cycle of the business needs or objectives.

The decision to offer to our clients an integrated Consulting and Operations services package is an innovative approach. Which will provide a holistic solution across multi-phased projects for your benefit.


Our integrated platform was created in collaboration with a number of strategic partners who are specialized in their specific sectors. This permits us to provide and deliver a wide range of services.

Our lean and flexible structure, enables us to keep  pace with the market demands and changes, this enables a direct advantage for our clients in having one point of contact you can trust to arrange, plan, coordinate and deliver the service outcomes you require.

We operate throughout the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, former Soviet Union, Central Asia, Africa, North America and South America and Europe.

The multi-sector approach reflects the highly professional and extensive background of  our professionals who come from military, police, commercial, logistics, engineering and legal areas.

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