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About us

Established in 1997, it is characterized by having a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach solutions for security management, risk management and corporate responses to emergencies.

Provides products, services and innovative solutions for security and critical infrastructure protection activities, corporate risk management, crisis management and emergency response, which are aligned and tailored to the full life cycle of the business needs or objective.

The multi-sector approach reflects the highly professional and extensive background of our professionals who come from military, police, commercial, logistics, engineering and legal areas.

The origin of the name of the group

Auxilia originates in Latin and translates in to English as Auxiliary.

Therefore they were the Auxiliary troops of the Roman Legions. Auxilia Troops were contracted to carried out Long Range Reconnaissance, Camp Logistics and conduct the first contact with the enemy.

In other words the Auxilia were the first Security Contractor in history.  

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